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If Regina George was pink, she'll be wearing Pink Wednesday and Mistress. Don't be too obsessed with her, she might put you in the burnt book.

The Regina George set includes:

Stripped Lashes – Pink Wednesday
On Wednesdays, we wear Pink! These lashes were made for the innocent flirt. With a subtle flare at the outer corner and a unique V pattern across the band, Pink Wednesday was made for winking.

Stripped; our lash Qween!
Handcrafted lashes using 100% premium mink hair and cruelty-free!

  • Band: Handcrafted black cotton band
  • Colour: Natural black
  • Lash Type: 3D Natural mink lash
  • Length: 6 – 11mm
  • Durability: 20-25 times with proper care
Velverets Liquid Lipstick – Mistress
Mistress is a seductive plum mauve.

Velverets; our lipstick Qween!
Cosmicqweens Velverets has a comfortable formula that keeps the lips supple and moisturised while staying put throughout the day. It is highly pigmented with a velvety texture – one smooth glide is all you need for a standout, vibrant lip colour!

Velverets are:
  • Long wearing
  • Ultra-pigmented and vibrant
  • Comfortable and moisturising
  • Water and smudge-proof